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3G Unrestrictor Download

July 8, 2018

3G Unrestrictor is a very useful app that allows you to run many different apps on your device as though they were on a Wi-Fi connection instead of on a cellular connection. TweakBox now replaces Cydia to provide the app. The app basically tricks the application into thinking it is connected to Wi-Fi, even though you may be using your cellular data plan. This gives you control of your device and data plan instead of your carrier and/or Apple telling you what you can and can’t do. Find out more about 3G Unrestrictor and what it offers by following the link and keep reading for details on how to download and use it.

How to Download 3G Unrestrictor :

Right now, 3G Unrestrictor only works on iOS devices on iOS 4 upwards that have Cydia installed on them. There are plans to make it available through an external installer called TweakBox at some point in the near future but, for now, only certain users can download it. Contrary to popular belief, jailbreaking is perfectly safe and provides access to thousands of extra features and functionality that Apple doesn’t provide.

It is also easy to remove a jailbreak from your device should you need to; simply restore your iOS device and it will be deleted. This keeps your warranty safe should you need to take your device to an Ape store for repair. However, it is worth noting that, should you restore your device, it will restore to the latest version of the iOS and there is no compatible Cydia update for this right now.

  1. If you have Cydia on your device already move on to step 3. For those that don’t. if your device is compatible, you can install Yalu jailbreak
  2. You will notice a new icon on your device, named Cydia. Tap to open and set it up for first-time use; you will only need to do this once.
  3. Open Cydia and search for 3G Unrestrictor  app-iphone
  4. Authorize payment ($3.99) and then download the app. For future updates, the cost will be $0.99. Payment can be made using PayPal or Amazon.
  5. When the app has downloaded, respring your iOS device and you will see the icon on your home screen.

How to Use 3G Unrestrictor :

Using 3G Unrestrictor is quite simple:

  1. Open the 3G Unrestrictor Configuration app
  2. Tap the Edit button in the top-left of your screen
  3. Now tap the + button and add the apps that you want to have unrestricted access – any of these apps can use a 3G internet connection with no restriction

Note: although you can add whichever apps you want, be aware that the only apps this will really affect are those that have 3G restrictions on them. For example, if you added your Mail app, it would not behave any differently because it works the same on 3G and Wi-Wi. The app store, on the other hand, is restricted on 3G and will work differently.

Can you use 3G Unrestrictor? Let us know what you think of it and get more tips and updates like this by following us on Facebook.

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    Thank you 3G unrestrictor team for this awesome app. I love it .

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