What is 3g Unrestrictor ?

July 9, 2017

Mobile devices are meant to be just that, mobile, but the high cost and restrictive nature of data plans mean that users are finding it tough to use all the features of their devices when they are away from a Wi-Fi network. You can also download Emu4U to get 3G unrestrictor.  While there are Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere, the more security conscious tend not to use them as they are more open to hacking, potentially putting their iPhone or iPad data at risk. Thankfully, there is a solution and it comes to us as an app called 3G Unrestrictor.

What is 3G Unrestrictor ?

3G Unrestrictor is a clever app that allows you to take control of your own data plan, removing the limitations set in place by the carrier. The app tricks certain applications on your device into believing that they are using a Wi-Fi network. When installed on your device, it will load into any application that you set as being unrestricted and will tell any iOS function that they are running a Wi-Fi connection instead of 3G.

3G Unrestrictor works smoothly on any cellular connection, including LTE, EDGE, GPRS, 3G, and 4G; you just need to tell the app which of your apps you want to be unrestricted and it will work. Some of the top features include:

  • This works on all iOS models and with all carriers.
  • Watch videos in whatever quality you choose, not what Apple chooses
  • iTunes downloads. Usually, large downloads are best done over Wi-Fi but with 3G Unrestrictor, you can download what you want, when you want.
  • Back your device up to iCloud n 3G or LTE without having to worry about data usage
  • Online games. Play any game you want without being connected to your home Wi-Fi
  • Support for 3d party apps. Restrictions are lifted on almost all third-party apps.

For more information about the features of 3G Unrestrictor, see this page.

Supported Devices :

3G Unrestrictor is supported on the following devices on iOS 4 to iOS 10 that have Cydia installed:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
  • iPod Touch

How to Download 3G Unrestrictor :

You do need Cydia on your device to get 3G Unrestrictor although there are plans afoot to make it available in limited format through external app installers. For now, you will need to follow the instructions given in the post linked below:

Obviously, this will only work if you are running a version of the iOS firmware that is compatible with Cydia. For those that aren’t, more options will be available at a later date.

3G Unrestrictor FAQ :

Downloading 3G Unrestrictor is simple enough but if you don’t follow the instructions for use, you can soon find that things don’t work as planned. You may also be wondering whether it will work on your favorite app or want the answers to one of many other frequently asked questions. You can find those answers at the link below:

Apps like 3G Unrestrictor are always going to be popular because they give you back control of your device and your data plan, allowing you to do what you want, when you want. While you still have to install Cydia to get 3G Unrestrictor, there are plans to change this in the future, providing a limited version of the app for those that cannot use Cydia at the moment.

This is likely to be through one of the external app installers already released and, to find out when it will happen, you should follow us on Facebook so you get the news first.


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